Sarah Jones, psychotherapist, author.

“Epstein’s book is so vivid, so exquisite at times, that it feels more like observing Scorsese’s film, ‘My Voyage to Italy’ than reading a memoir. But his voyages go beyond Rome in time and space. Boyhood, family, friendships found and lost – the...

Cynthia Hayes

“A raconteur of true grace and intelligence, Irwin Epstein shares his deep understanding of the human condition to bring new richness to the meaning of love and friendship.  A delightful read for any man or woman.”

Stuart Kirk

“Wonderfully candid, intriguing and beautiful.  The writing is superb, wit and insight impressive.”

Arthur Ostrove

“A meaningful and poignant collection of stories about male friendship, told with wit and perspicacity.  It helps one reach back into one’s own past re-evaluating relationships and events of deep significance.”

Benjamin Shepard

“Love knows no borders, neither does the author’s poetic sociological imagination.  We all need essential others.  No doubt friendship has changed. So have Aristotle’s notions of ‘Virtue Friendship’ in his reflective ‘comparative case study” of modern male...