“I read this book during those quiet and uninterrupted blocks of time that are few and far-between in my life. I took longer, so I could focus. It’s good.  Really good. The writing is extremely witty, sardonic at times, wickedly intelligent, and with an impressive grasp of the English language in vocabulary and in style. I enjoyed that, but the content is a separate matter.  

If it were fiction, I would say that the “character development” was topnotch.  The writing injects pathos into the hearts of readers through its many and varied stories. The men described however, were/are real, not invented. All but one of them have passed and that saddened me deeply.  For him—the author.  

But how could he have written about them with such raw honesty and candor if they were still alive?  The hindsight and reflection are remarkable and insightful. Yet I wonder whether anyone could have or would have written so freely if they were alive to read your revelations about them and about his feelings towards them? Still, for thoughtful readers about friendship and its failures, it’s a blessing that he did. It’s what makes the book so personal, so powerful, and unique. This book needs to get out there in the world.”