“Most commonly my “beach read” is a book that is an “easy read” and “soon forgotten”. This is not that. It reminded me of a memoir I read over 30 years ago “Tuesdays with Morrie” (Mitch Albom). My son’s high school football coach required his team to read it. He was a good coach, building men as well as football players. 

While reading memoirs I often question:  “why did he/she write it”? You clarified this in the prologue. It made me think, a goal of most memoir authors I would hope. As a woman, I and my friends speak openly of the type of platonic love you describe with your men friends. Good and perhaps brave of you to share for those who don’t. 

Your “life goal” statement of Veritas: “To love and be loved”, appears to have been accomplished. You have known love and made known that you were loved in return. You have described the love of friends who are colleagues, those who were not. Those who have walked along through all your practice based research, clinical data, etc. However, the important finding; not “peer reviewed”, is that you loved them and it appears they loved you. Indeed, my friend you have done well.”