“Initially, I anticipated a more scholarly qualitative analysis of the book’s key messages towards the end—some guidance for living a ‘good life’ amongst men friends. I was delighted that this was not the case. So many of we Emeritus Professors feel obliged chisel in stone or print their own “commandments” or sermons. This book is so much the better for just telling the story as it is and allowing readers to make our own reflections and derive our own learnings. It was elegant in its simplicity and profoundly impactful in itself without any overlaying pretentiousness or apparently wise self-commentary. The narrative was written in the manner of a master storyteller. Implied rather than imposed wisdom. Joyful but at the same time jolting. As a reader, I found myself going back to read sections over again to try and distil the important implications for my own life. Having enjoyed the first often humor filled read, I was compelled to return to understand and examine the complexities through the lens of my own life experiences more deeply. Thank you good friend. Go well.”